Wednesday, March 13, 2019

..Hello 2019..

assalamualaikum all..

after a years and a month.. I feel like I want to write something and update what happened to my life

before we start with my 2019 so far, lets recap 2018 a lil bit. the best and only achievement in my life for 2018 is NO HEART BROKEN incident.. peeeehhhh setaun pok jaga hati dan perasaan.. tapi tetaplah pedih dan luka di hati terasa. kohkohkoh.. cuma dapat di elak luka baru

oh.. 2018 I lost my uncle, my father's brother. satu kehilangan besar dalam family. sebab nya ketua segala ketua.. ketua kumpulan zikir, ketua rombongan bila ada majlis2 nikah, tunang, merisik, ketua kumpulan selawat, imam bila berjemaah, ketua ngaco urang latah, ketua berjoget di hujung majlis.. semua lah nya.. berasa nya sik ada.. huhu.. al-fatihah Awang Medaan Awang Ahmad.

n 2018 i lost my sense of everything too.. rasa macam heartless gila 2018. sampey satu tahap i feel worried with myself because i cant react anything in whatever happen in my life. i cant feel sadness, happiness.. nothing..blank

somehow, something good happen in 2018. i met a loottt of mirc's friend because I had 3 trips to KL last year. in apr, oct and dec. sharing stories and stuff.. kenangan indah sebenarnya πŸ˜€

and the best vacation is in Dec. my family vacation, 6 out of 7 of my siblings in KL for vacation n of course our queen of our heart, my mak. insyaAllah ada rezeki kita vacation adik beradik ke Mekah gik..amiiiinn.. insyaAllah


masih seperti itu.. masih belum abis dan entah bila nak abis. huhu

2019 so far?

nothing much change in my study. nothing good happen in financial. something good happen to my heart in the beginning of 2019. but in march, dah start sik best.. heeee.. so, i guess 2019 dimulakan dengan masalah hati lagik.. iskiskisk.. kepak jaga 2018, masok2 2019 lalu kenak.. iskiskisk..

anyway.. im going to have my pre-viva maybe next week or next month. wish me luck ok? and wish I can finish my study by this year. before september to be exact. and no more heart broken series in 2019. I want a happy life... wish everything will be fine ok?

good luck adik2 nak dapat result SPM esok.. all the best for ur future.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy 10 years ^lurve_purple^ .. 2018~~~


woowww.. 2018 already. its means, i've been blogging for 10 years. huyoooo.. sik berasa eehhh

i still remember writing all my very first blog post, using extremely slow internet. how can we survive back then? kinek tok, unifi loading 2sec pun dah bising padah internet slow.

im not involve seriously in this blogging things because i started this blog just for fun and i love typing. im thinking of what else i can do with typing other than chatting on mirc. therefore, most of my post are crap, nagging and how i express my own feeling. 10 years ago, we dont have facebook or twitter for us to share something. this is the only medium and blog is one of the famous medium in seeking and sharing information.

now, most of the time, i will be posting my thought, my activities, my nagging in facebook and my angry feeling, my frustration and all inappropriate words in twitter πŸ˜‰all the pictures will go to instagram.

so, today is first day of second month of 2018. cepat betol masa beralu.. pejam celik pejam celik..ehh dah bulan Februari. I do hope your first month of 2018 is full of happiness and all the positive things and vibes happen around u.

as for me, im not enjoy my 2018 yet. im still struggling with my studies. i do feel like just give up but some voice inside me telling that i should not quit. i need to finish whatever thing i had started. this is my dream. things will not happen as easy as abc..there will be a lottt of challenges, a lot of struggle, tears and drama before we can achieve what we want.

i really hope i will end all this struggle, all this challenges with proudest smile on my face. im too tired to have stress and im too tired to cry. I must admit, my study journey never been easy. since my Diploma level, i keep fighting with myself to finish my study. Gagal itu biasa, Lulus itu luar biasa for me. to get A for my test is almost rare. but i manage to graduate.. Alhamdulillah. but with this journey, i think i made a mistake. this is not my forte at all. in fact, i keep fail in this subject during my undergrad. at first, i think i want to take this as challenge but i keep failing through this 3 years. with no money to survive (biasiswa dah habis sebab extend sem), with all failure in my design, with all the bad result. i still need to finish this. please pray for me.. 😊😊😊😊

however, not all things are bad things. i do have some opportunities (i means a big one) to travel to penang and met all the fantastic people and learn a lotttt from them. but maybe im still dont get enough training or myself is not good enough (or im the one who keep my work sambil lewa) to get a desire result. on positive sight, i do enjoy both my penang's trip (in 2016 & 2017)

I really hope 2018 will bring us more positive vibes, more good things going to be happen this year, yang tak jumpa jodoh lagi, akan berjumpa jodoh, we have all the opportunities to travel around the world, pergi umrah, pergi haji, more prosperity this year, more superb friends, less enemies, less drama.. and less heart broken incidents (i had been through this things for 2 years straight. kohkohkoh.. hopefully not anymore in 2018)

my main goal for this year is to graduate and start looking for job.

oh.. dah register mengundi guyss??

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Monday, September 25, 2017

..25 September..

assalamualaikum n hello everyone
Today is my birthday

Nothing special plan or nothing special happened, just a normal day

there is a time when i feel a bit jealous looking at others during their birthday. full of present, surround by friends and family. surprises  everywhere. breakfast, lunch and dinner treat.

but then i realized, we dont have a same live with other. we have our own live. but i do feel grateful because I still have a family and friends that want to spend their time writing birthday wish to me on social media.

and i dont know why..

this year i dont feel excited waiting for 25th september to come

maybe im more worried with my study that i cant see where and when it will end. and how.. *sigh*

i really hope my journey will be eased and i can finish it as soon as possible

and really hope i can earn my own money by working in my dream job or just a good job by next year. please make doa for me. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

still.. i dont have any boyfriend to celebrate my birthday this year.. but i hope next year, im going to have more friends.. πŸ˜‰

one more things that i realized for this few days and make me think. The older we get, the less time we left to be in this world. The death is coming in his way, nearer. so, i keep telling myself, pleasee be a good Muslim, be a good daughter, be a good sister, be a good friends, be a good student. spread love, stop hating people. and enjoy my life even though it is not as fun as others. still, its my path.. and the most important thing.. take a good care of my self, my body, my health. the most expensive things and hardest things to take care of.

TQ Google for ur birthday wish 

Monday, September 11, 2017

..Review: Sharing Planet..

assalamualaikum and hello everyone

in this post, i would like to write a review on one of the famous western restaurant in Kuching, Sharing Planet. at this moment, there are 4 of Sharing's restaurant available around Kuching which are Sharing Planet (original sharing), Sharing Downtown, Sharing Too and the latest edition is Sharing Tree.

lets continue reading..

Monday, May 22, 2017

..quick update..

heyaaa!!! first update in 2017 ka? ka 2nd entry?

just a short update..

im getting married!!!!  so damn busy with my study and my life..

hopefully everything goes well for me, my family, my friends and to all of us.. amiin..

a few achievement for me for this past 5 months

  • bought GUESS wallet (mahalll woooo..sik mampu nak beli mun bukan less n mun bukan share ngan kawan)
  • flying with MAS (last flying with MAS is on 2012 or 2013..sik ingat) and the experience still amazing!! and satisfying
  • got my first running medal πŸ…milo fun run jak pun.. tapi at least ada lah juak aktif nak? hehe
  • go to Penang for training on my studies
  • learn how to use Uber and Grab sebab di Kuching, sik pakey gilak pun benda tok
  • flying from Penang-KL alone.. spend one day in Penang alone.. and i survived!
  • meeting 2 mirc chatters..and im not nervous at all.. good job!! dah sik takut strangers and increase confident level
  • spend time alone most of the time during 7 days vacation in KL.. jalan sorang2, makan sorang2 
  • bought new handphone (samsung J5 jer pon)
  • first time flying using Malindo Air and i likeee it!!
  • start new business.. Photobooth business.. berminat? roger2 jak kmk di sitok
  • my paper accepted for uni conference
  • need to do 2 presentation in 2 days time.. and yet.. my slides is not ready yet.. i prefer to update my blog rather than doing my slide show
  • learn to say No! and stick with my decision for 2 weeks already.. good job girl!
  • oh!! I become Aunt in 2017.. welcome to the world syahmi lamiiii.. our handsome boy~~~

still... no luck in love life.. enjoying my single time.. not too bad huh.. 😊

ok.. thats it.. hopefully life getting better.. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

..aku yang hilang..

in these past few weeks...

i dont know what happened to me..

terasa di awang-awangan..

i could not focus on whatever things i do..

i dont know why..

and i dont know what happened to my heart..

i feel the pain, i feel the sadness, i feel frustration..

but yet.. i could not feel any happiness..

even just a little bit..

I hope.. December will give me more happy memories.

now.. i feel the ache.. rasa nak muntah..

cepat-cepat lah rasa ini pergi..

i cant stand this feeling..

not anymore...

i want to focus on my journey..

please go away negativity..

my fav picture.. everytime i see this will remind me about myself.. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

..Natural Look: Review..

Assalamualaikum all..

Hari ni nak buat review mengenai produk Natural Look..

Kenapa nak buat?? Sebab dorang bagi miera birthday present.. hehehe

Ayuhh..teruskan membaca.. sebab membaca jambatan ilmu.. eh..

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

..Selamat Hari Merdeka..


lama gila x post apa2..

so just want to wish all Malaysia Happy Independent Day..

semoga kita terus merdeka dari segala segi..

negara bebas di jajah, ekonomi bebas dari monopoli, pemikiran kita lebih matang dan kita sentiasa menghargai kemerdekaan ini..

selamat bercuti di 31 Ogos... :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

..D.I.Y photobooth..

assalamualaikum all..

hari ni nak berkongsi sedikit mengenai persediaan dan cara mengendalikan photobooth secara do it yourself atau dalam bahasa melayu nya jimat duit buat sendiri semua..

ayuuhh..teruskan membaca

..Doa untuk mencari pasangan..