Monday, September 11, 2017

..Review: Sharing Planet..

assalamualaikum and hello everyone

in this post, i would like to write a review on one of the famous western restaurant in Kuching, Sharing Planet. at this moment, there are 4 of Sharing's restaurant available around Kuching which are Sharing Planet (original sharing), Sharing Downtown, Sharing Too and the latest edition is Sharing Tree.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

..quick update..

heyaaa!!! first update in 2017 ka? ka 2nd entry?

just a short update..

im getting married!!!!  so damn busy with my study and my life..

hopefully everything goes well for me, my family, my friends and to all of us.. amiin..

a few achievement for me for this past 5 months

  • bought GUESS wallet (mahalll woooo..sik mampu nak beli mun bukan less n mun bukan share ngan kawan)
  • flying with MAS (last flying with MAS is on 2012 or 2013..sik ingat) and the experience still amazing!! and satisfying
  • got my first running medal 🏅milo fun run jak pun.. tapi at least ada lah juak aktif nak? hehe
  • go to Penang for training on my studies
  • learn how to use Uber and Grab sebab di Kuching, sik pakey gilak pun benda tok
  • flying from Penang-KL alone.. spend one day in Penang alone.. and i survived!
  • meeting 2 mirc chatters..and im not nervous at all.. good job!! dah sik takut strangers and increase confident level
  • spend time alone most of the time during 7 days vacation in KL.. jalan sorang2, makan sorang2 
  • bought new handphone (samsung J5 jer pon)
  • first time flying using Malindo Air and i likeee it!!
  • start new business.. Photobooth business.. berminat? roger2 jak kmk di sitok
  • my paper accepted for uni conference
  • need to do 2 presentation in 2 days time.. and yet.. my slides is not ready yet.. i prefer to update my blog rather than doing my slide show
  • learn to say No! and stick with my decision for 2 weeks already.. good job girl!
  • oh!! I become Aunt in 2017.. welcome to the world syahmi lamiiii.. our handsome boy~~~

still... no luck in love life.. enjoying my single time.. not too bad huh.. 😊

ok.. thats it.. hopefully life getting better.. 

..Doa untuk mencari pasangan..